Employer Partnership of The Armed Forces

On January 11th, 2011 Southern Crafted Homes signed a partnership with the United States Department of Defense Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces. US Army Major General Keith Thurgood and Chief Operating Officer, Jim Deitch entered into the agreement to find ways to support returning veterans looking to transition back into the civilian work force. The company has a long standing tradition of supporting the military and almost 30% of its employees are veterans. Deitch served 12 years in the Marine Corps and is a veteran of the first Gulf War. In 2011 Southern Crafted Homes built a home for free for an Afghanistan veteran who is a paraplegic and the company has provided ongoing support to Homes For Our Troops and Support our Troops.

On January 5th  2012 Mr. Deitch will join about a dozen other employers in Texas for the All American Bowl where they will meet with the Secretary of the Army, John McHugh, the US Army Chief of Staff, General Chiarelli and several other top Generals to discuss and formulate plans to help transition the thousands of returning veterans into civilian jobs. With the unemployment rate for veterans aged 20 to 24 years at 30%, they are more than double the unemployment rate for non-veterans. This is a leading issue in our country and Southern Crafted Homes is partnering with other like minded companies in trying to find a private solution to this crisis.  “These men and women have served us selflessly in this long period of war. It is our duty to help them transition into the private sector,” said Deitch. “The construction industry has a long history of being military friendly and giving preferential hiring status to our veterans. We just want to do our part”